Free Driver Education seminars


Managing fatigue and distraction on New Zealand roads

We know there’s a lot going on for drivers in the transport industry.


So, we’ve created driver education seminars specifically for fleet operators and commercial drivers so you can learn how to be fit to drive, manage fatigue and distraction and embrace technology to help keep you (and others) safe on the road.


It’s a FREE seminar brought to you by specialists who understand your concerns and speak your language.

What's involved

Each session runs from 8:30–10:30am and is hosted by Bathurst driver Greg Murphy.

Keeping fit to drive
Greg Murphy

Murph will talk through his career progression, what he achieved, what he’s seeing on NZ roads and how he is keeping fit to drive in his return to Bathurst. You won’t want to miss this!

Rachel Lehen, Fit for Duty 

What it is and how significant it is when driving. Discover how to develop a Fatigue Risk Management System, the importance of having a robust Fatigue Intervention Plan that goes beyond set work time rules.

Guardian Seeing Machines
Fiona Weston, AutoSense

An overview of how Guardian works to detect fatigue and distraction along with an introduction to the essentials of interpreting and managing events.

Risk and the Road – busting common myths
John Collins, EROAD

75% of the heavy transport industry in NZ uses our EHUBO products, we have the facts from our data to prove what really makes a difference when it comes to safety on the road, and productivity for the transport businesses. We’ll uncover what some of the myths are that still exist around fatigue and distraction and the technology that is in place to eliminate and mitigate these risks.

The ripple effect insurance claims on businesses
NZI Fleet Risk Managers

The team will take you through a case study outlining the impacts of accidents on businesses and drivers alike. 

Q+ A panel

Your turn to ask questions of the experts!


Who we are

You’ll be in good hands with experts who know fatigue and distraction inside out.


Motorsport icon and now road safety advocate Greg Murphy has teamed up with us to talk about his experience as a professional racing car driver and how he kept fit to drive.


Having won Bathurst 1000 four times in his career Murph is the perfect person to talk about fatigue and distraction, how it can impact drivers and some tips to keeping alert on the road.

Greg Murphy

AutoSense & Seeing Machines Ambassador


Rachel Lehen

Fit for Duty

Rachel has been in the industry for 12 years and she regularly leads Fatigue Management Masterclasses and has presented on fatigue management at industry conferences, she has also featured on TVNZ's breakfast show as a sleep expert.


Rachel facilitated NZ’s first research study on the prevalence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in a Commercial Driver population and sits on the Sleep Apnea Association of NZ committee.


Rachel joins the #EYESUPNZ team as she is passionate about improving employee health and believes that this approach is the cornerstone to reducing the risk of fatigue in your business.


Fiona joined the Autosense team in 2017 and has had several roles directly involved with the Guardian Seeing Machines. Having been involved in all aspects of Seeing Machines, she has gained wide experience and knowledge along the way as the number of units across NZ has steadily increased.


Currently she is managing and delivering a variety of training and education resources to ensure you are well equipped to  get the  maximum benefit from this valuable Health and Safety Resource.

Fiona Weston


John Collins

John Collins is EROAD’s Heavy Transport Specialist, based in the Christchurch office. John’s responsibilities include the day to day management of the southern sales and account management team along with the ongoing relationships with key customers throughout the South Island. 


In John’s nine years with EROAD he has seen the industry change its perception of telematics from that of a sceptical one to one of embracing what the technology can do for their business and the efficiencies that can be gained. This has been one of the greatest satisfactions for John and he enjoys being able to work closely with businesses to improve their Health & Safety, Compliance and ultimately their bottom line.


John is a firm believer that it is what EROAD does post sale for the customer that is one of our greatest strengths and is reflected in the relationships we have with our customers.


You’ll hear from NZI Fleet Risk Managers:

Laini Inivale / Christchurch
Hamish Piercy / Dunedin

Mike Radford / Hamilton

Michael Stirk / Auckland

Craig Ewens / Palmerston North and Wellington

All speakers have worked in the fleet risk management industry for many years and are looking forward to sharing their knowledge. 

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